Ironman & Aries Pro Wrestling Mask's & More

Semi Pro Masks

$ 35.00 USD

  • Our Semi Pro Wrestling Mask's
  • Are not line at the seams With Twill tape Like our Pro Grade Mask But are sewing 3 Time at the seams To give strenth..  The Face Plate & lace Tie are Lined.. The Semi Pro Mask Is Ring waerable.. It is A lower cost mask.
  • Please call or E mail for Colors that are in stock.

Semi Pro Mask.

$ 35.00 USD

This Is A Assassin Style.. Face Plate.

Semi Pro For Lower Cost..

 Face & Lace Tie Is Lined

But The Seams Are Not.

Made In Many Color's.



Old School All White

$ 35.00 USD

This Mask In Available in Many Different Color's. 

 Made of Jumbo Lycra & Vinyl.



Super Destroyer

$ 45.00 USD

Semi Pro Seams Not lined.

Availiable In Different Lycra Color's.

Lace Tie.


The Spoiler

$ 40.00 USD

Made Of Jumbo Lycra. & Vinyl.

Lace Tie.  Available in Many Color's



$ 40.00 USD

Available In Many Color's

Lace Tie.

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